Photography is my business, and as such I'm probably more concerned about copyrights and usage than many casual photographers you might run into at dog events. If you have any questions about usage of photos, please contact me.



I retain the copyright on all my photos, which means that I own the "original" or "negative" for the image. You are licensed to use the image, either for Personal Use or Commercial Use, depending on our agreement. You can't approve their use by anyone else; you need to contact me for such approval.

Commercial Use

I also license images for commercial use. This is generally a specific, non-exclusive license, on a one-time or annual basis. Commercial use includes any use of an image by an entity which is using it as collateral to help sell a product. Examples include book and magazine articles, product advertising, or resale of the images directly. If you have a need for a commercial licensed photo, please contact me and we can discuss options.

Personal Use

The vast majority of my images, whether prints or JPEG files, are licensed for personal use, and this is the license you have if you purchase event photos from this site. These images may be hung on your wall, used on your web site or your club web site, or submitted to magazines as ads or champion brags for your kennel. Any other use must be approved in writing by me, and may involve a fee.

JPEG files will have my signature in the corner, which must either stay on the photo, or if removed you must have the words "© Dave Mills" below any print or web usages of the image. Prints will have a copyright stamp on the reverse.